IntelligenTi cooperating with the London Sancroft-ESG consultancy. Sancroft was selected as one of the top ten well-known ESG consulting companies in 2020.

Germany Inspection Machine ─ inspect all kinds of bottles, caps and labels. It can identify black spots, dents, deep scratches, color deviations, abnormal injection points, short shots on the bottle. Moreover, the tolerance of the inspection machine can be adjusted independently on individual lenses.

Germany Extrusion Machine─From Screw to T-die, it is designed by ourselves. It can be extruded with various materials and can use 100% PET bottle flakes. It is a machine that provides a complete circular economy and has reached the US FDA. Certification.

Germany dust removal and cleaning expert company, focusing on surface cleaning and web cleaning, dust removal, particle cleaning, parts and parts cleaning, as well as cleaning machines and cleaning equipment that use static electricity, ionization and component discharge. Especially, to remove components, component dust, particles, fibers and production residues.

Design and manufacture of food packaging molds in the Dexter Netherlands. There is a professional department to provide mold design, development of new products to the final mold production and testing. A production department and a sales service department are available in Taiwan to provide Asian customers with the most immediate service.

Germany thermoforming machine-the market leader in food packaging manufacturing machinery. The heating method of the machine is low in flatness, the constant temperature amplitude is not large, and the power saving effect is good. In 2021, an environmentally friendly machine, a fiber forming machine, was developed, which used fiber raw materials for thermoforming, and won the German Red Dot Award.

Swiss injection machine-won the world's best injection machine in 2019, and the best medical injection machine in 2021; we focus on beverage packaging, thin-walled packaging, bottle caps, and contact lens complete manufacturing solutions. In 2020, we released the latest preform machine with high performance, which greatly reduces production costs and can reach the clean room level.

As an international recycling company and market leader, we believe in extending the service life of raw materials by treating waste, thereby maintaining a sustainable cycle of material flow.

 Austrian dehumidification system and dryer manufacturer and development manufacturer are welcomed by international brands. We can customize the plastic conveying solution according to the special requirements of customers.

Japanese Aoki injection stretch-blow machine ─ The design concept is mainly based on three rapid prototyping cycles of high speed mold release, high plasticization, and high flexibility. By reducing the scale of machinery occupation, saving space, and reducing production energy to lower the capital costs, the machine is suitable for making bottles with materials such as PET, PE and PP bottles.
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