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    In response to the promotion of environmental sustainability, IntelligenTi cooperating with the London Sancroft-ESG consultancy to provide professional implementation guidelines in reducing carbon footprint and tax.


    IntelligenTi represent leading European brands in various fields in the machine industry to achieve the goal of energy saving and carbon reduction, but also assisted
    Taiwanese enterprises to achieve sustainable development.


    Since 2012, we have been focusing on bringing advanced European equipment into Taiwan. Furthermore,we start introducing four major Sancroft services design,Implement, communication and enhance.

    ▎STRATEGY  ▎

    We cooperate with Sancroft of the United Kingdom to keep up with the latest information of the United Nations.Combining major European machinery brands and advanced automation manufacturers, enhance the competitive advantages of
    Taiwanese manufacturers.


    We provide European (energy-saving) production equipment and industrial 4.0 automation, and with Taiwan's good production infrastructure, which enhance international competitiveness.



    • IntelligenTi cooperating with the London Sancroft-ESG consultancy. Sancroft was selected as one of the top ten well-known ESG consulting companies in 2020.
    • Automated vision inspection and quality control system of packaging. Industrial vision inspection of preforms, closures, bottles, labels, layers, containers.
    • Quality made in Germany: diamat Cast Film Extrusion Lines - be prepared for the future.
    • Systems for electrostatics & surface cleaning.
    • Dexter Mould Technology designs, develops and builds moulds for thermoformers the world over using the very latest technology.
    • Thermoforming and joining technology specialists - market leader in design and manufacture of plastics processing.
    • Netstal under Krauss Maffei will revolutionize the medical technology, beverage packaging, and thin-wall packaging industries more than ever – true to our new motto: Pioneering plastics.
    • Featuring newest STF recycling technology the plant has an annual capacity to recycle 60.000 tons of PET bottles, which means approximately bottles are recycled per year.
    • Produces and develops dehumidification systems and dryers. In close cooperation with customers, individual and energy saving solutions according to the special requirements are developed and realized.

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